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United International Investigations became a Texas corporation in 1999.

For over 20 years, we have provided exceptional investigative services to hundreds of satisfied clients.  With each new case, we attempt to answer our clients’ most difficult questions by providing indisputable facts.  We offer peace of mind by strategically assessing their needs and providing tailored investigative solutions to find the answers they need to achieve their goals.


Our team has a wide range of experience, skills, and knowledge, enabling us to consistently provide quality service and a professional work product in a timely manner.  The services we offer include criminal and civil investigative support, surveillance, child custody, and domestic investigations.


Veronica Mason took the helm of United International Investigations in June of 2017, after the previous owner of the firm retired. 


Prior to 2017, Ms. Mason worked for six years in the private sector, with two years dedicated to conducting investigations of fraud waste and abuse.  In 2012, she began working for United International Investigations, where she has honed her investigative skills working for government officials, high-profile clients, and large corporations. 


She specializes in conducting investigations in the areas of civil and criminal law, corporate law- non compete agreement violations, worker’s compensation, background investigations and undercover investigations; family and domestic law- missing person investigations, child custody cases, domestic situations and infidelity, to name a few.


She is highly skilled in detecting subtle cues that are often involuntarily used by subjects to convey their emotions and attitudes, helping her better understand the targets of her investigations.  Ms. Mason leads a team of highly-skilled investigators with various areas of expertise, and has offices in Austin, Round Rock, Dallas, and Houston Texas.

Image by Christin Hume
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