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Regain Control of Your Life and Enjoy Peace of Mind

A private investigator can be a tremendous help in your most perplexing situations.  We research our extensive data sources to ensure that the questions that cause you to lose sleep are answered.  We will meet with you in person for free consultation and professional insight.  Whatever your issue, postponing a meeting with us could be costing you financially, emotionally, and physically.  We offer peace of mind by providing truth.

We Will:
  • Locate individuals who you need to find

  • Conduct background checks for personal or professional needs

  • Help research crimes or wrongdoings

Services Include:
Patentability Search
Missing Persons

Whether you’re looking for a long-lost friend, someone who owes you money, a runaway spouse, or your missing teenager, you will need our team of investigators to pore over our extensive data sources, and/or conduct interviews of associates, to determine the person’s actions, activities, and whereabouts.  Our ability to perform online research of social media accounts and locate documents that provide evidence of a person’s activities (paper trails) has proven highly effective in locating missing persons.

Image by Frank Zhang

Surveillance is a means of monitoring the behavior and activities of an individual or group of individuals in order to obtain information about their location and behaviors.  We will plan and conduct covert surveillance tailored to your specific needs and will provide you with video, still photographs, and professionally written reports within two to three business days of the completion of the surveillance.

Legal Research and Writing
National Records Search and Extraction

United International Investigations offers extensive research capabilities to identify and locate individuals.  Background checks can establish existence of a criminal history, marital status, excessive litigation, and/or truthfulness.  The results achieved from these searches are crucial when contemplating any new relationship, whether it be a new hire or a personal association.

Individuals Testimonials
"The investigators at United International Investigations did a great job helping me with my child custody case. They listened to my needs and helped me get my son. If you need good private investigators that will work hard for you, call them."
- Robert B.
"The investigators at United International Investigations helped me with a very difficult situation. They conducted surveillance for me, completed a background investigation, and quickly obtained the information I needed. The cost was very reasonable compared to what I had been quoted by other companies. This is an investigative company you can trust."
- B. R.
"The private investigators helped with a background check of my boyfriend. Our relationship was getting serious and I wanted to have him checked out. From the background check, I found that he was not truthful about several important issues. This background check saved me a lot of heart ache."
- Jenny M.
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