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Criminal Defense Attorney

More Acquittals and Better Pleas for Your Clients

Our primary job in the criminal defense case is to examine evidence collected by the prosecution team and build on it even further, keeping the defendant’s version of the story in mind. Our unbiased and experienced team of investigators will tirelessly collect, examine, analyze, and preserve evidence using traditional techniques and the very latest in surveillance technology. We will initiate background research, locate witnesses, conduct interviews, and carefully document crime scenes.  And when the trial begins, we will testify to our findings in court.

We Will:
  • Locate potential witnesses, and assist you in locating expert witnesses, if desired

  • Interview witnesses and obtain sworn statements in affidavit form.

  • Amass law enforcement case reports and other discovery documents.

  • Scour discovery documents and other evidence in an attempt to disprove witness statements, and find discrepancies in the prosecution’s case.

  • Scrutinize crime scene and other photographs and images for clues that may have been overlooked. 

  • Provide defense attorneys the necessary information to secure acquittals for clients.

Business Services Include:
Checking Text on a Document
Review of Discovery Documents and Case Examination

Our team has vast experience in identifying discrepancies and errors in discovery documentation. We pride ourselves in the ability to discern instances where conclusions drawn by law enforcement may not be plausible or where discrepancies in their reports exist. Based on these instincts, we initiate further investigation in an attempt to place their credibility in question.  If desired, we assist attorneys in identifying and retaining influential expert witnesses for courtroom testimony.

Crime Scene Tape
Crime Scene Examination

In an attempt to establish plausibility of witness statements and identify discrepancies in law enforcement reports, our experienced investigators visit the location where the alleged crime occurred, obtain video and photographs, take measurements, and provide a diagram of the location. Photographs and video are labeled for identification in courtroom testimony.

Courtroom Chairs
Courtroom Testimony

Evidence gathered by our team is completely legal and is usually admissible in court.  Our investigators can be called to court to testify on their observations or on professionally recorded evidence, even if the witness is no longer available or becomes unfavorable to the prosecution. Examples of such evidence may include re-examined crime scene photographs and video of another location pertinent to the case, and publicly recorded footage.

Interviews of Witnesses

Our team of investigators is skilled in developing, identifying and interviewing potential witnesses not interviewed by law enforcement.  It isn’t uncommon for witnesses to be reluctant to provide statements to the police and sometimes alter their previous account of events. In this sense, our private investigators are less intimidating and many times get better results because we do not carry a gun and do not wear uniforms. Many other psychological factors play a role in interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence.  Our team excels at conducting interviews in such a way as to put the witness at ease, and is knowledgeable in phrasing questions to get the desired results.  All interviews will be recorded, transcribed, and/or notarized.

Criminal Defense Attorney Testimonials
"United International’s team is some of the most professional and thorough investigators one can employ. Their approach to any investigation has been to seek the truth, prepare in-depth accurate reports, and go beyond what is required or expected. Their due diligence pays off. I have always been impressed with their work, attention to detail and honest factual reporting. It has led to the overturning of a number of cases or it has been helpful in resolving legal issues favorable to the client. I wholeheartedly recommend United International Investigations – they are the only private investigative firm I use – they are that good!"
Chris Dorbandt, Attorney
Chris Dorbandt & Associates, PLLC
603 W. 12th St.
Austin, TX 78701
"I have worked with United International’s team on many occasions. They are professional, courteous and diligent. I'm also convinced that my clients get more investigation work for their money than with any other investigator I've ever worked with. All their work is accompanied by thorough investigation reports that I've found extremely useful in case preparation. United International’s extensive experience has also proven very helpful with case strategy recommendations. With United International Investigations, I always know the work will be thorough and prompt and that my clients will certainly get their money's worth."
Ryan H. Deck
Attorney at Law
107 N. Lampasas
Round Rock, Texas 78664
(512) 251-8920 (Office)
(512) 251-2279 (Facsimile)
"They Saved Me!
I was charged with a serious criminal offense and they helped prove me to be innocent."
- Martin J.
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