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Family Law Attorney

Better Settlements and Peace of Mind

Family Law is part of the law that deals with relations within a family. Examples include issues arising from a marriage; civil unions and domestic partnerships; mental and physical abuse of a spouse and/or children; legitimacy, adoption, surrogacy and abduction of children; annulment, divorce, alimony and settlements; and custody, visitation and support pertaining to the child. We know that these situations are emotionally charged, and that your client’s future and the future of their children are on the line.  We have a solid reputation of providing the best possible investigative services to ensure your client gets the results they desire.

We Will:
  • Monitor, document, and report crucial information to build a strong child custody and/or divorce case.

  • Uncover and report undisclosed assets during divorce proceedings.

  • Determine living conditions, instances of neglect, and overall wellbeing of children of divorce

  • Locate potential witnesses and assist you in locating and retaining expert witnesses for trial purposes, if needed.

  • Interview witnesses and obtain sworn statements in affidavit form, if desired.

Business Services Include:
Couple Walking Down Stairs
Infidelity Surveillance

Surveillance provides critical information that can prove invaluable.  When infidelity is suspected and your client needs answers, we will carefully listen to their concerns, then plan and conduct surveillance tailored to their specific needs.  Our team is skilled in conducting thorough surveillance investigations to provide the answers they need and deserve.

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Asset Checks

As part of the divorce process, both spouses are required to disclose all financial assets. Whether by an unintentional oversight, or because they do not want to share certain assets with the spouse they are divorcing, spouses may not fully disclose all their assets, especially in high net-worth divorces and where one or both of the individuals own a business.  By accessing our specialized data sources and utilizing a variety of investigative tools, we are able to ascertain if there are available assets or business holdings that have not been divulged.

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Child Custody Investigations

In the matter of child custody disputes, clients need to determine their child’s living conditions and whether or not they are receiving adequate care.  Our reputation for providing thorough surveillance has assisted our clients in determining the stability, lifestyles, health, and schedules of the opposing parent.  Surveillance is also effective in determining who is spending time with your children, whether a new love interest or a babysitter.  Surveillance, coupled with background investigations on third-party individuals, can be a powerful combination used to document and reveal questionable behaviors in an objective manner.  We are also trained in conducting witness interviews and obtaining sworn statements, if needed for trial purposes.

Family Law Attorney Testimonials
“We have partnered with United International Investigations in a few cases. They are professional and thorough. Veronica Mason has testified in two family law cases, and it was clear that her testimony made quite an impression on the judge and ultimately, the outcome. We appreciate their professionalism and tenacity. Veronica Mason does not give up, even though the investigation is more than challenging. Our office will continue to use United International Investigations."
Sarah K. Brandon
The Law Offices of Sarah K. Brandon, P.C.
"The investigators at United International helped me in a child custody case involving my son. They are a group of true professionals. They gave my case personal attention and always listened to my needs. They worked quickly and the cost was reasonable. They provided me with photographs and video that I needed."
- Robert W.
"The investigators at United International Investigations helped me with a very difficult situation. They conducted surveillance for me, completed a background investigation, and quickly obtained the information I needed. The cost was very reasonable compared to what I had been quoted by other companies. This is an investigative company you can trust."
- B. R.
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