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Business Services

Strategically Position Yourself in the Marketplace

There are many different aspects of running a business efficiently and effectively. We can help businesses in a variety of ways, and ensure you are always one step ahead of the competition.

We Will:
  • Provide facts that will ascertain if a claimant is trying to defraud you.

  • Conduct due diligence and asset searches on potential partners and/or investors so you can make intelligent and sound business decisions based on facts.

  • Gather competitive intelligence to help you strategically position yourself in the marketplace.

Services Include:

Surveillance is conducted to monitor habits, abilities and actions of individuals who are trying to harm your business by a variety of means. By allowing our team of experienced investigators conduct discreet surveillance, and document their findings with video, still photographs, and detailed reports, false allegations can easily be disproved.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud is a white-collar crime that costs American businesses millions of dollars every year.  Whether dishonesty of a company insider, the deliberate deceit of a vendor, or a perpetrator outside the organization, fraud is serious, and we have years of experience conducting successful fraud investigations. We are dedicated to providing results that reflect the truth.

Background Investigations

One of the most effective ways we can help a business is by conducting extensive background checks.  We offer a complete range of business background services to clients.  Our experience researching and uncovering relevant information related to business partners, employees, and/or vendors helps you make critical decisions as you manage your company.  When a business is planning a merger or acquisition we conduct background checks on the other company for your peace of mind.  Our background investigations are tailored to fit our clients’ specific needs.

Business Testimonials
"We have worked with United International Investigations on several matters over the years and have found them to be professional, timely, thorough and insightful. We would recommend their services without hesitation."
Business Owner
"United International’s team is some of the most professional and thorough investigators one can employ. The approach to any investigation has been to seek the truth, prepare in-depth accurate reports, and go beyond what is required or expected. Their due diligence pays off. I have always been impressed with their work, attention to detail and honest factual reporting. It has led to the overturning of a number of cases or it has been helpful in resolving legal issues favorable to the client. I wholeheartedly recommend United International Investigations – they are the only private investigative firm I use – they are that good."
Chris Dorbandt, Attorney
Chris Dorbandt & Associates, PLLC
603 W. 12th St.
Austin, TX 78701
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