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Corporate Attorney

Your Corporate Assets and Brand Protected

We provide vital information that a corporate attorney needs to protect business interests and assets of their clients.

We Will:
  • Locate witnesses for legal proceedings, and expert witnesses from various professions.

  • Interview witnesses and obtain sworn statements in affidavit form if needed.  

  • Conduct due diligence and asset/liability searches on potential partners and/or investors.  

  • Gather competitive intelligence to help your clients strategically position themselves in the marketplace.

  • Review cyber profile/social media accounts to gain valuable information pertaining to persons of interest

Services Include:
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Surveillance is a valuable tool for uncovering non-compete/non-solicitation violations, collusion, intellectual property theft, and business travel misconduct.  We have found that it is also beneficial for integrity checks of potential mergers, acquisitions, investments, and executive hires. Our surveillance efforts are well documented in professionally-written reports, and still photos/videos are also provided to our clients.

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Employee Monitoring

We are skilled in conducting investigations of suspected employee misconduct, including drug and alcohol use, time theft, equipment theft, vehicle or equipment misuse, business travel misconduct, misuse of fuel or company credit cards, or violations of non-competes.

Social Media Investigations

Social media posts frequently provide photos, conversations, and status updates that can provide valuable information about activities of individuals. Social media investigations pair very well with surveillance.

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Background Investigations

One of the most effective ways we can help in corporate matters is by conducting extensive background checks.  We offer a complete range of background services, including providing strategic information concerning witnesses.  Our background investigations are tailored to fit our clients’ specific needs.

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Asset Checks

Asset checks determine a subject’s financial status, which can help you decide whether or not litigation would be worthwhile. Surveillance, combined with asset checks, can be used to identify banking locations and any assets that have been hidden from a business partner.

Image by Dan Chung
Witness Locates and Interviews

Our experienced team of investigators can locate witnesses for court cases, locate experts in various professions, and can potentially find missing clients or employees.  We conduct witness interviews to help you uncover information that could be critical for litigation and support facts of your case.

Corporate Attorney Testimonials
"I have worked with United International’s team on many occasions. They are professional, courteous and diligent. I'm also convinced that my clients get more investigation work for their money than with any other investigator I've ever worked with. All their work is accompanied by thorough investigation reports that I've found extremely useful in case preparation. United International’s extensive experience has also proven very helpful with case strategy recommendations. With United International Investigations, I always know the work will be thorough and prompt and that my clients will certainly get their money's worth."
Ryan H. Deck
Attorney at Law
107 N. Lampasas
Round Rock, Texas 78664
(512) 251-8920 (Office)
(512) 251-2279 (Facsimile)
"If you need investigative assistance, I highly recommend United International Investigations. They say they are fast, affordable and professional and they are exactly that.
- S.J.
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