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Civil Attorney

Winning Verdicts and Larger Settlements for Your Clients

We provide accurate, critical information that a civil litigation attorney needs to develop the best strategies to obtain larger verdicts and better settlements for clients.  We ensure that your information remains confidential.

We Will:
  • Monitor and document habits, abilities and actions of claimants by conducting covert surveillance.

  • Collect and organize documentation needed to effectively build a strategic, compelling case.

  • Research and document history of previous frivolous lawsuits.

Business Services Include:
Busy Street

Surveillance is conducted to monitor habits, abilities and actions of individuals who have claimed that you are responsible for their damages. By allowing our team of experienced investigators to conduct discreet surveillance, and document their findings with video, still photographs, and detailed reports, allegations made by claimants can easily be disproved.

Image by Van Tay Media
Witness Interviews and Statements

Our team of investigators is skilled at developing, identifying and interviewing potential witnesses. We excel at conducting interviews in such a way as to put the witness at ease, and are knowledgeable in phrasing questions to get the desired results.  All interviews are recorded, transcribed, and/or notarized.  Sworn statements are obtained prior to trial if needed.

Legal Research and Writing
National Records Search and Extraction

One of the most effective ways we can help in civil matters is by conducting extensive background checks.  We offer a complete range of background services to clients, including providing strategic information concerning witnesses.  Our background investigations are tailored to fit your clients’ specific needs.

Psychologist Session
Accident/Incident Scene Examination

It is imperative that statements made by witnesses of accidents/incidents are plausible.  We independently visit the accident/incident scene and conduct an investigation by securing measurements and dimensions and taking photographs/videos.  We then examine written statements made by witnesses and, if discrepancies or implausible descriptions exist, the witness can be determined to be unsatisfactory.

Civil Attorney Testimonials
“I highly recommend Veronica Mason for any investigation needs. I have used her and the team at United International for over 10 years on a variety of matters, including background checks, accident scene investigation, surveillance, and client support. They are top notch - always on time, very responsive and they get results. They are the best private investigators in Austin."

Adam Loewy
Personal Injury Attorney
Austin, Texas


"I have worked with United International’s team on many occasions. They are professional, courteous and diligent. I'm also convinced that my clients get more investigation work for their money than with any other investigator I've ever worked with. All their work is accompanied by thorough investigation reports that I've found extremely useful in case preparation. United International’s extensive experience has also proven very helpful with case strategy recommendations. With United International Investigations, I always know the work will be thorough and prompt and that my clients will certainly get their money's worth."
Ryan H. Deck
Attorney at Law
107 N. Lampasas
Round Rock, Texas 78664
(512) 251-8920 (Office)
"If you need investigative assistance, I highly recommend United International Investigations. They say they are fast, affordable and professional and they are exactly that."
- S. J.
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